Why should we do our part?

Despite any sustainability and social value initiatives your organisation already has in place, there are always ways to make even more of a difference.

And with sustainability, environmental impact, and corporate social responsibility so prominent in today’s world, it always pays to do more. With Gone for Good, you can do just that.

Have a positive impact on the world.

Since sustainability as a topic has exploded into the mainstream, organisations across the world are being held to much higher standards. You’re expected to take full accountability for the impact you have both socially and environmentally. There’s a pressure to always do whatever you can to lessen your impact.

By aligning with Gone for Good’s cause, you can make massive strides towards reducing your impact while also helping valuable causes.

We can help you:

  • Combat overstocking
  • Provide a second chance for damaged, faded, or unsellable products
  • Reduce waste being sent to landfills
  • Provide items for people who need them most
  • Raise money for many worthy causes
  • Improve your organisation’s environmental and social strategies
  • Sever ties with the unethical rag trade
  • Prioritise products’ reuse, with recycling as a last resort

Meet your targets

Corporate social responsibility is a term most businesses are all too familiar with. By partnering with Gone for Good, not only can we make it easier for you to do good, but doing so can also align with your organisation’s personal targets. 

By doing its part, your organisation can be more compliant and transparent with its actions surrounding environmental laws and regulations.

Partnering with Gone for Good means your organisation can do more for the world we live in, while also improving your operations to keep up with an increasingly socially conscious society.

What do we do?

A partnership with Gone for Good looks different to every organisation. 

We’re more than happy to take any excess stock off your hands. Whether it’s out of season product or items left over after a big sale, we collect the items from you and take them to a variety of charities.

In doing so, we give your unwanted stock a second lease of life and can significantly reduce what’s taken to landfills. By partnering with us, you can lessen your environmental impact while also helping us with our goals to reuse and extend the life of as many unwanted items as possible.

If you’d like to find out more or have any questions,
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