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Gone for Good makes donating to charity shops easier than ever.

The Gone for Good app is revolutionising the donation process. By encouraging more donations, increasing charity shop profits, and reducing waste nationwide, we’re all able to make a real difference to social and environmental causes.

Why should we donate?

Charity shops raise around £300m annually for a wide variety of worthy causes and over 90% of their sales come from donations.

An estimated 14.3 million people are in poverty in the UK. And 49% of these are considered in “persistent poverty”.

Financial donations to charities have been steadily declining in recent years, falling 4% in 2018.

How does Gone for Good work?

Gone for Good’s main goal is to make donating to charity more convenient. By simplifying the process for both donors and charity shops, we can increase the number of items that are donated and saved from landfills, improve profits for countless charitable causes, and turn around more secondhand items for those who need them most. 

The apps’ process for donors is simple. You take a picture of your unwanted item and leave a description of its condition and original value. You then choose a local charity shop and they’ll arrange collection wherever and whenever suits you best. 

This opens up the option of donating to everyone. Whether you want to donate a large piece of furniture but have no car or have a busy schedule that means you’re unable to visit a shop in-person, you’re still able to do your part.

What does this mean for the charity sector?

By getting people using the Gone for Good app, we can all have a massive impact on the charity retail sector. In the digital age, an app allows us to reach a wider range of people and we’re hoping to make donating to charity more commonplace. 

With more people open, willing, and able to donate, we can expect to see increases in the number of donations being made. Not only does this mean more profits for charitable causes, but it will also provide more clothing, furniture, and other items for people who are struggling and rely on charity shops. With so much waste sent to landfills, it’s increasingly important we give our unwanted belongings a second chance with someone else. With the state of our planet being such a pressing concern, Gone for Good also eliminates the need for paperwork.

For charities, they can see the condition of an item before accepting, meaning they get more control over what they accept. Also, they can opt-out or in of certain categories to avoid being overstocked and risking waste. So if they’re overflowing with books, they can opt-out until their stock reduces. Gift Aid can also be collected in-app and stock can be tracked live by the charity. 

By making the process easier for both donors and charities, we’re already seeing an increase in contributions. By using Gone for Good, we can all do our part and give charities what they need to have a greater impact on their cause.

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